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Apps, Websites, Fun! 195 - Best Black Friday Deals

We've got some of the best Black Friday deals to show you, so be prepared.  Plus, as an extra bonus, you'll hear some animal sounds.  Woo-Hoo.  Tech for kids.

You’re a Kid In A Digital World.


We talk technology but always end up somewhere else.


Kid Friday is hosted by 13 year-old Zoe, 16 year-old Hannah, Dave, and at times, Winston from


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iPhone 6, Selfie hairbrush, iPad Air, New emojis, Spotify, Taylor Swift, iWatch prices,and a whole lot more.

Websites, Apps, Gadgets...Fun! Hosted by 16-year-old Hannah, 13-year-old Zoe, Dave, and Winston the poodle. Coverage of new websites, apps, gadgets. computers, mobile phones, iPads, iPhones, Android, tablets, and more.

We talk tech, but always end up somewhere else.

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